Pura Vida: Costa Rica

I could stare out the window looking upon Costa Rica all day. It’s truely amazing to drive/fly over the thousands upon thosands of Palms that supply almost all our palm oil here in the States. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Manuel Antonio, don’t worry about the drive, it’s full of gorgeous sites, like the famous Macaws, palm farms and stunning cliffs. 


costa rica

We were fortunate enough to stay with a wonderful group of friends at Villa Paraiso a Conde Nast Traveller jungle hilltop hideaway that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Wearing: Nelblu Swimwear

I had no complaints, this is the second time we’ve stayed at this property and it is literally breathtaking.

nelblu swimwear lauren schwec

Wearing: Nelblu Swimwear

Things worth doing

  • Zip Coaster – $12/ride, worth it for one ride even as an adult if you’re passing through
  • Ziplining
  • Four Wheeling
  • Walk around town to different spots, get some culture
  • Hike down a mountain to a secret La Playa
  • Pool day at one of the many boutique hotels
  • Drinks at the marina
Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort trio dip

Foodie alert.

We checked out a handful of local places, here are my faves!

hotel makanda costa rica
hotel makanda costa rica
lauren schwec

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