The Tribal Collection: Nel Blu Swimwear

Let’s face it, every colection by Nel Blu Swimwear is to-die-for. Beyond being cute as can be, the brand carefully makes all it’s suits with organic textiles, making them better for the enviroment and extremely soft to the touch. 

The originality of each of our designs is thanks to the joint work we do with local artists, in addition to using eco-sustainable fabrics based on “Econyl” thread , to help reduce the amount of waste that damages the environment.  – Nel Blu

The suit I am wearing here, The Dakota Browm, is made from econyl recycled multifilament polyamide, a high quality recycled fabric. It is a 100% regenerated nylon patio derived from pre and post-industrial waste, such as discarded fishing nets.

nelblu swimwear lauren schwec

Nel Blu identifies as Eco-Swimwear and made in Perú. 🇵🇪The high waist of The Dakota Browm is great for drinking champagne by the pool all day.

We put sustainability at the center of everything we do. We invest in our fabrics, packaging, labels, and accessories of each of our pieces to minimize our waste and respect our environment. –Nel Blu

nel blu swimwear costa rica

Here I’m wearing the Kira top, I love this top because it ties on the shoulders, a style you don’t find as often. This suit too is made from econyl.

Be sure to check them out online and use my code LOLO10 for 10% off your order at Nelblu Swimwear! 🙂


lauren schwec

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