Social Curation: The Tools I Use for Success

Productivity and efficiency are extremely important to me. I don’t believe that late nights seven days a week is the only way to get shit done, actually I think it’s quite the opposite. If you have the right tools, know yourself (only you know the environment/times you work best) and pivot when necessary, work-life balance and success are achievable!

Here are some of the tools I used to get it all accomplished:

Trello – this is a great tool to organize your thoughts, to-dos, priorities and even calls, I use it for all the above. I even have a separate board set apart solely for my personal goals. Another board I have is just for calls I have with clients. By using their easy to use interface I can quickly jot down notes all in a singular feed, this is excellent because it documents and organizes the conversations I have so that next time I have a call or need to look back on something it’s all in one place, you can even set due dates and reminders for upcoming events and deadlines.

ClickUp – I use this mostly to manage my interns and independent contractors, it’s a great way to assign tasks in a neat organized non-overwhelming way.

Slack – When I first heard of this software I dreaded using it, but now I get really excited when customers/clients use it because you have the ability to switch from one dashboard to another. You can quickly switch between brands and communicate with anyone on their team. The mobile app also rocks for keeping messages outside of your text messaging inbox and Instagram DMs. Hello, work/life balance!

Speaky – I use this app to listen to articles I want to read but don’t have time to during my busy day. During lunch, I plug in my headphones and I listen to the articles. It extracts entire articles from just copy-pasting the link.

Siri Reminders – I’m always asking Siri to remind me blank at blank, this is a great way to not forget things and it’s easy because you don’t even have to pick up your phone!

Apple Sleep Cycle – If you don’t use this to make sure you get eight hours or more a night you should be. Not only does it track your sleep so you can look at it overtime time, but I’ve found it really helps me stay in a routine and hold myself accountable.

Pinterest – If you’re a creator/designer/do-er you best be on Pinterest. Pinterest is by far the best platform for saving, organizing, and finding inspiring creative projects/inspo.

Instagram Save Feature – Instagram “Save” is definitely the newest of tools I’ve implemented into my work. Not only does it immensely affect your profile and what you see on your daily feed and explore page, but you can also separate into folders to keep everything organized. Here are some of my “saves”:

Header Photo by Social Curation Content Photographer Partner: Alejandro Guzman

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