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For those of you who do not know, I am a Station House member, a state of the art shared workspace located in Downtown St. Pete, FL. As someone who works from home voluntarily, I have a ton to share on the magic of working from home and how it can change your life/productivity (blog post coming!!) but I also have a ton to share about the power of working around others and the incredible energy that can come from surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded individuals.

I had the pleasure of touring the Hyde House construction site earlier this summer. As a current Station House member, I was super excited to check it out and see what this incredible team was building!

The shared space is over 30,000 sq. ft. β€” combining company offices, conference rooms, individual offices and other hot commodities like a coffee bar and multiple print stations. 

Created exclusively by Station House for Hyde Park Village, Hyde House is a curated, gallery-style workspace with 65 offices and over 10,000 square feet of common area. Offering a dynamic mix of coworking, private offices, and uniquely designed event spaces, Hyde House will reflect the unique amenities, personality, and atmosphere found in and around Tampa Bay.

I knew that whatever this group had in the works would be nothing short of beautiful and highly functional. Having a background in design, one of my favorite things about Station House is the beauty and functionality of the space.

A short elevator ride or walk up to the second floor takes you where you need to be.

The large windows flood the room with natural light. The space is huge, with plenty of open space complemented by private corners/cubbies for privacy. I imagine, when complete, the open floor plan will help keep the space from feeling crowded, without making visitors feel isolated. 

The designer’s attention to detail is immaculate. The women’s bathroom looks like it will be right out of a French movie. (Yes, I am drooling.)

Located in the popular Hyde Park Village, the placement of this workspace was uniquely thought out. Right below the space is Soul Cycle, which will be partnering with the workspace to provide bikes during their off-hours. Hyde House’s health room will allow for yoga classes and other community events. 

Overall I am very impressed, unlike many other shared workspaces in Tampa the individual offices are much larger, making them more practical for everyday use. Hyde House, which is now opening next week, even in it’s growing stages has an incredible energy much like the high you get when you take a trip to New York City. You will definitely find me here.πŸ“


Phone Booths, Conference and Meeting Rooms
120 Person Auditorium and Multiple Event Spaces
Photo Studio and Cyclorama Wall
Member Bar and Test Kitchen
Preferred Covered Parking
Outdoor Covered Veranda
Fitness Room

This is not a paid post, I wrote this purely out of excitement for this remarkable addition to Tampa Bay. To become a member visit their website, be sure to mention LAUREN SCHWEC!


lauren schwec

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