Tropical Travel with My Favorite Brands!

There’s only one thing I adore more than travel and that’s clothes. I don’t mean that in as much of a materialist way as you would think. What I adore about clothes is the art of designing it — pulling patterns and textures from nature and creating a mood through seasonal threads.

There is something about putting on a swimsuit or a sundress. It lifts your mood. Fashion is no doubt a form of expression. I want to share with you a few of my favorite threads from my most recent trip to Costa Rica.

Taking Flight

I sported a cute but comfy outfit for the plane trip to Costa Rica.

Jacket: Free Spirit Sweater from @saltwaterluxe available here
Bag: Mini Tamitha (Gold) from @aimeekestenberg available here
Jeans: @hiddenjeans from Shandy Style Boutique
Top: @cottoncandyla

Our first stop was San Jose, where we stayed 2 nights in Santa Ana. This area, like most of Costa Rica, is breathtaking from any angle.

On the way to Manuel Antonio, we stopped at a few local fruit stands. I love supporting the local economy in this way. The smoothies in Costa Rica are TO DIE FOR. I mean, if you’re going to have a fruit smoothie this is the place you indulge in the sugar. The fruits here are SO good. I love anything with papaya or starfruit.

Hotel Hoppin’

lauren schwec costa rica

One of my favorite places in Manuel Antonio is La Mariposa. This boutique luxury hotel overlooks the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Quepos. The sunsets here are spectacular.

Top: Denim Split Skirt from @ghandaclothing available here
Skirt: Heidi Top from @ghandaclothing available here

Dress: Sidewalk Dress from @ghandaclothing available here


Unlike past trips to Costa Rica, this trip was full of sunshine (being in January and not the rainy season)! Which obvi means hiking to waterfalls in Bikinis.

This hike to Nauyaca Waterfall – Costa Rica was extra special because our entire squad rode horses. Nauyaca Waterfall is on private property, I highly suggest the horseback riding tour they offer. Yes, you get to trot and more. We booked it back up and down the mountains. We did a full-day tour, it includes lunch at the halfway point.

Swimsuit: @bikinilab available here

My other favorite part of Costa Rica was hiking down to find little hidden beaches. This one was desolate so we enjoyed the sunshine and waves in solitude.

Swimsuit: Belle One Piece from @immeswimwear available here

Aside from exploring this trip consisted of a lot of chill time to relax. I spent my time lounging in Chaser Brand finishing the book The Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of @mindvalley.

Top: Eazy Tiger Graphic Tee from @Chaserbrand available here

Check out more or my outfit and favorite places from the trip by viewing my highlights.

Santa Ana Highlight (with Starbucks coffee tour!)
Manuel Antonio Highlight

Thanks for reading! xo -LOLO

lauren schwec

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