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Quarantine has been a great period for me to tune in + focus on what’s important to me. Very high up on that list is Health & Wellness. Which means…ROUTINE. I use time-blocking + a very specific (but still flexible) weekly schedule to maximize every hour within the day, making sure to schedule downtime + time to just scroll.

One of my favorite positives that I have seen come out of this mandated quarantine is an influx of public figures going live on IG either solo or teaming up with big brands to share their at-home routines + workouts. Here are some of my faves!

Sami Clark

Ok, I wasn’t following this babe before the #stayhome movement but jeez I wish I was, she’s been KILLING it on IG live and her post are great too! I specifically love her 10-minute abs.

Revolve #RevolveAroundTheHouse

Revolve has changed the game as far as staying #onthepulse, they are killing it with their partnerships + Live Workout collabs. Pairing with some of the fittest + most inspirational bloggers/influencers out there. I have found their IG page to be a phenomenal resource for finding live workouts. It’s actually how I found Sami!

Helen Owen x Crew

Helen Owen + her crew have also been doing a ton of amazing workouts. I have found Helen to be a great resource for not only her live workout collabs (SHOUT OUT TO @P.VOLVE!) but also sharing when her fit friends are also going live.

Speaking of Fit Friends…

Valegenta x @TrainWithDanny

Whitney Fransway x @TrainWithDanny

Alyssa Lynch

Alyssa hasn’t saved any of her workout’s but she does post them on her stories as well as highlight’s her fave health + wellness products. Definitely worth checking out!

Subscription Services:


If you haven’t heard of it, you need to try this method out. The first time I did it I went to bed at 9p…I was beat + saw changes in my body almost immediately. What’s fantastic about P.volve is it’s all about elongating your body, putting less pressure on your joints + working those hard to reach muscle groups. I recently collabed with them, I’ll be shareing more on that here so stay tuned!

Use this link for $20 off your membership. Plus they have a 14 day free trial!


Alo Yoga’s online workout platform is excellent because it offers you so many different types of workouts; from mediations, sound baths + stretching to core/toning, + series like discover your splits. AloMoves is a great tool for getting in a routine of stretching at night or first thing in the morning. I typically go for something like the Feel Good Energy Flow with Caitlin Turner (aka @gypsetgoddess), a 20-minute routine

Additional Resources

All of my IG workout “saves” have been cataloged on my Pinterest here! Definitely check that out if you’re looking to tone up.

There you have it! My favorite resources for working out at home! If you don’t walk out of this quarantine better in some way (it doesn’t have to be health/fitness) then you’re doing it wrong. Be better. xoxo LS

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