We stayed in a TeePee!!

Glamping at Westgate Ranch & Rodeo.

Glamping is so not overrated. And neither is sleeping in a teepee. As much as I think I’m a city girl, the country has a big piece of my heart. I’m just going to go right out and say it, I loved my experience at Westgate Ranch & Rodeo. Everything is on the property is easy to get to (with our very own Golfcart) and downright beautiful. 

On the ranch, you can choose from a number of activities, from skeet shooting to miniature golf and airboat rides. 

Picnics are Kinda My Thing

If you didn’t know that by now ♡ 

Westgate Resort River Ranch Rodeo Lauren Schwec Blogger Florida Travel Influencer Creator

Breakfast and refreshments are delivered to you each morning on the ranch, making waking up dreamy as ever. You can also order room service, freshly prepared food for the grill, wine, and bottle service, as well as have your bonfire lit by the concierge. Check out the dining options.

The resort is pet-friendly! I can’t tell you how fun it was to bring chicken over to the farm to meet the cows. To my surprise, they absolutely loved him.  

Westgate Resort River Ranch Rodeo Lauren Schwec Blogger Florida Travel Influencer Creator

Out of all the activities on the property, the airboat ride was my favorite, we had it all to ourselves on the most beautiful day. On the tour, you get to see tons of wildlife and speed through the river and marshland. Some of the wildlife we saw included alligators, hogs, and a variety of birds. 

Westgate Resort River Ranch Rodeo Lauren Schwec Blogger Florida Travel Influencer Creator

If you’re one for being on the water, they also offer group pontoon tours, fishing, and a little something called the Swamp Buggy, where you essentially go on a sort of off-road safari through the property. 

On The Range

It’s so nice to be out in the country just wandering, blue skies, and open plains. Checking in, to check out, as I like to say. Horseback Riding is a great way to start any day on the ranch. Skeet Shooting was something we really enjoyed as well. And, yes, I hit a few, believe it or not. Daniel was quite good 🙂


We weren’t there for the Saturday Rodeo, but we did spend a lot of time enjoying the wildlife and farm life. I even fed a deer!

The full wild west experience wouldn’t be complete without a ride around the ranch to say hello to all the animals. I was pleasantly surprised to see Buffalo, and this foal, Liberty. 

We ended our first evening at the River Ranch Saloon for the Nashville Singer-Songwriter Series, where we had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with the artists. This is a limited series and I highly suggest signing up and making a trip to the ranch for this one-of-a-kind experience.

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